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For over 20 years, Patty Mac has been working as a professional medium, clairvoyant and psychic in Hamilton. My passion has taken me to world renowned mediums such as, James Van Praugh, Paul Jacobs, and Mavis Pattilla, who helped me engage my natural spirituality and develop techniques to help others.

Patty Mac is an evidential medium with clients from around the world. Evidential mediumship is someone who gathers information for the recipient during a reading to validate and to help them identify that it is truly their loved one, in spirit, who is coming through. 


Being a spirit communicator for the last number of years Patty Mac does most of the talking during the session. She provides proof of the existence of the afterlife. Also providing proof that it is your loved one in spirit she is connecting to. At the end of the session a little time is left for questions. 

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I just finished a reading with Psychic Medium Patty yesterday. For the most part she was accurate with the validation messages she gave me. I was amazed that Patty knew that I helped my father build and paint birdhouses. She also mentioned bird feathers as a sign that my dad was looking out for me, although I always thought this was a sign from my mom. I’m so glad that the session was recorded so that I could reflect back on all that was said. I will definitely make another appointment sometime next year to understand better some of the predications that Patty made and to tell her if they actually came true – especially about the travel and romance. Patty is larger than life and tells it how it is – you either like that in a personality or you don’t. Patty Mac does have a gift.

Jan J

Hi Patty!! I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful reading! I have been super emotional & not been able to get the message together but soooo many things have been making soooo much sense after my reading with you!! You are absolutely fantastic & I will spread the word as far as I go!! 

Thank you, Elaine 

I met Patty at a work function and was simply amazed at what she had to tell me. There was so much clarity and I felt a sense of closure after speaking with her. I'm currently trying to organize a group to invite her to come do readings in my home. I would highly recommend her. Amazing and incredible gift you have been given Patty.

Shawna C., Mississauga

I can't Thank Patty enough. She is 100 the real deal. My late grandfather came through and talking to him has been so healing. The things she knew were unbelievable they were so true. Such validation that my loved ones were with her, and me. If anyone wishes to speak to a loved one or have some insight Patty is the one to go see!! I promise you will not be disappointed, yet uplifted and more hopeful. Thanks Patty

Tara M

"I just finished my session with Patty Mac the medium. I was absolutely blown away at the accuracy. She knew things about my mom, in spirit, that no one else knew. Thank you so much Patty Mac you have a gift ."


Kathy W

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"We know what we are, but know not what we may be"

William Shakespeare

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